New machines and super-effective treatments in the Lolo Salon in 2024 as well!



Our prices have changed from January 1, 2024!

Facelift facial rejuvenation treatment prices

The latest procedure for a strong and spectacular facelift without needles and foreign substances!

1 suitable treatment

50.000 HUF

4 suitable passes

180.000 HUF

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With us, the price is not to be understood per body area, but the installation/occasion of all the cassettes of the given machine in any area, even for separate body areas! This way, we can cover even more areas for our guests at a lower price!

3D LIPOLASER body treatment

12.000 HUF/30 minutes + 15 minutes 5.000 HUF

5D LIPOLASER body treatment

15.000 HUF/30 minutes + 15 minutes 5.000 HUF

6D LIPOLASER body treatment

20.000 HUF/30 minutes + 15 minutes 5000 HUF

It is necessary to apply the Dr. Life Wave Massage or HIEMT every time after the treatment!

Optional aftercare treatments at a discounted price:

Wave massage

7000 HUF/30 minutes


3 body parts 15.000 HUF/30 minutes

HIEMT Electromagnetic shaping prices

HIEMT electromagnetic treatments in Budapest at the LoLo Salon!

HIEMT body treatment

1 body part 15.000 HUF /30 minutes, 2 body parts 15.000 HUF / 30 minutes, 3 body parts 20.000 HUF /30 minutes

Ask about our combined treatments at the first free consultation!

Powershape2 body treatment prices

Body regions of Powershape2: abdomen + waist, inner thigh + upper thigh, buttocks + rear thigh.

Powershape body treatment
17.000 HUF/ 30 minutes/ occasion/ + 10 minutes 5000 HUF

Necessary discounted aftercare treatments:

Wave massage

7000 HUF/30 minutes


3 body parts 15.000 HUF/30 minutes

PowerShape2 facial treatment prices:

Thermal – Radiofrequency facial rejuvenation treatment

25.000 HUF – (approx 60 minutes)

Thermal- Radiofrequency treatment + active substance intake + iontophoresis

30.000 HUF – (60 minutes)

Body wrap treatment prices

A relaxing treatment that helps to smooth, tighten, improve the quality of our skin while lying down, and to get rid of the fat accumulated in the oily areas.

Wiener body wrap

 20,000 HUF/occasion/60 minutes

Dr. LIFE Wave massage treatment prices

Wave massage treatment is a refreshing procedure with a number of beneficial effects, which makes the feet feel lighter and bear the load better later on.

Wave massage treatment

10,000 HUF/30 minutes, 60 minutes/15,000 HUF

Hiemt intimate bench TREATMENT PRICES:

Free first consultation!
For the first time, a free 30-minute intimate pad treatment!

HIEMT intimate bench treatment

HUF 15,000 / 30 minutes / session

Prices of Cliniccar facial rejuvenation treatment with the Octiline 2 Facial Treatment System:

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OCTOLINE2 Lolo pampering treatment

HUF 25,000 – (approx. 60 minutes)

OCTOLINE2 Lolo Extra pampering treatment

HUF 30,000 – (approx. 90 minutes)

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