Body treatments

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Fat burning, weight loss, cellulite treatment and skin tightening, in one place! Innovative and effective shaping in Budapest!

Shaping in Budapest with the most modern body treatment and shaping technologies!

NOVELTY! 6D Lipo laser fat reduction

The brand new Belize SUPERTECH 6D Lipo Laser Machine effectively fights stubborn fat pads. The Mitsubishi diode laser can be adjusted to 6 wavelengths, which stimulate the drainage of lymph, speed up the metabolism of the cellulite, and for all bone diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, carpal tunnel), stimulate reparative cells and microcirculation.

The newest procedure of laser fat reduction!

3D and 5D laser lipolysis fat reduction

The lipolaser is a 100% non-invasive, laser-based fat burning and shaping system. With 650 nm, 780 nm, 808 nm, 940 nm and 980 nm lasers, it destroys deep fat cells, tears the cell membrane, turns the fat into triglycerides, which leave the body.

Shaping and facial treatment with PowerShape2 body treatment

The PowerShape2 integrated shaping and facial rejuvenation system combines radio frequency, soft laser and vacuum suction in its treatment heads to achieve excellent treatment results.

HIEMT electromagnetic fat burning, muscle building

The HIEMT procedure has just exploded onto the market all over the world and immediately started to gain ground. High frequency focused electromagnetic field. The operating heads of the machine create an electromagnetic field, which stimulates the muscles extremely strongly.

Dr. Life Wave Massage

As a result of the pleasant wave massage, lymph circulation, blood circulation and muscle microcirculation all improve. This has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on cells and tissues. The wave massage provides intensive help in draining the accumulated lymphatic fluid and restoring the health of the connective tissue!

Wiener aromatherapy body wrap

The aromatherapy slimming method has special features that other slimming treatments cannot offer! The method is based on a cold-heat effect, similar to the Kneipp treatment.

Free first consultation!

If you don’t know which treatment is the most suitable for you, we will put together a personalized treatment plan for you during a free consultation with a cup of coffee or tea, and you will have the opportunity to try the treatments before you decide!

You can get to know the machines and the treatment process. We set the goals, and if you are satisfied, we register the date of the first treatment. Are you ready for a change?

What can you do to make your body treatment more effective?

We believe that procedures with body treatment machines are only one part of an aesthetic, youthful appearance. In order to achieve truly spectacular, long-term results with our machines, teamwork is necessary! You can increase the effectiveness of body treatments by following the suggestions below!

Drink at least 2.5 liters of water or herbal tea per day!

Avoid carbonated, sugary soft drinks and alcohol consumption!

Eat as much protein as possible and avoid fast-absorbing carbohydrates!