PowerShape2 body treatment

In our salon, thanks to the PowerShape2 treatment machine, a multifunctional face and body treatment device, we raise the standard of treatments to a new dimension!

What is the PowerShape2 treatment and what can we use it for?

The PowerShape2 integrated shaping and facial rejuvenation system combines radio frequency, soft-laser and vacuum suction in its treatment heads to achieve excellent treatment results. It provides the possibility to use several dynamic pulsating settings, thus the strength of the treatments can be adjusted according to the physiological characteristics of the guests.

In the combined treatment heads, the heat energy of the radio frequency accelerates the natural metabolism of fat cells, thereby resulting in a large fat breakdown and size reduction. During facial treatment, the thermal energy of RF promotes collagen reconstruction, i.e. skin rejuvenation. The 660 nm soft laser built into the treatment heads speeds up the process of liquefaction of fat cells by making the cell membrane of fat cells more permeable, thus facilitating fat breakdown and helping to reduce the size of fat cells. At the same time, the red laser light has a positive, rejuvenating effect on the skin tissue as a whole. The effectiveness of the RF and laser is enhanced by the suction effect of the vacuum, which accelerates blood and lymph circulation in the fat tissue, straightens the skin surface, reduces fat deposits, improves the general condition of the skin and cellulite without complications, resulting in tighter contours. For facial treatment, the vacuum provides an optimal facial lymphatic massage.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the PowerShape 2 volume reduction, cellulite treatment, skin tightening and facial rejuvenation treatment is due to the treatment heads containing a combination of RF, soft laser and vacuum.


Fat breakdown

Cellulite reduction

Skin tightening

Slag disposal

Facial rejuvenation

For therapeutic treatments

Powershape kezelés

Benefits of the Powershape 2 treatment

Suitable for combined shaping

It can be used for both body and face treatment

Treatment heads combining soft laser, RF and vacuum

Treatment heads with multipolar RF technology supplemented with light therapy

Various treatment options with 6 different treatment heads

Maximum efficiency and safety without pain

Shorter treatment time, faster results

More spectacular and lasting shaping

The most innovative development of recent years is the Power Shape 2, with the help of which, thanks to the combined treatment heads, we can achieve unique success in shaping.

The working principle of the Powershape 2 machine

PowerShape 2 is a complex shaping and anti-cellulite treatment method that combines the power of vacuum (accelerates circulation and shapes the body) with multipolar and bipolar radio frequency (destroys fat, promotes skin metabolism and rejuvenates it), and with lipolaser technology ( increases fat breakdown and promotes the removal of fat from the body).

Multipolar and bipolar RF – fat breakdown, increase of cell metabolism by heat, skin tightening

The energy of the new generation multipolar radio frequency painlessly penetrates deep into the skin and the fat layers under the skin. Its deep warming effect accelerates the natural metabolism of fat cells. As a result of the controlled heat input, free fatty acids can intensively escape through the cell membrane of the fat cells into the space between the cells. Fat is removed through the lymphatic system and venous system and is eliminated from the body by the body’s excretory systems. With the reduction in the size of the fat cells, the micro-circulation and lymph flow start again in the area, and the metabolic processes are restored. This reduces the appearance of cellulite and local fat deposits.

RF treatment with a small facial treatment head works directly in the collagen-rich layer of the skin. As a result of the generated heat, the collagen fibers that tighten the skin jump together, which immediately results in a visibly tighter face. 2 MHz RF is ideal for stimulating the metabolism of fibroblast cells. The long-term result of the process is built up in 2-3 months by a natural collagen reconstruction, which results in permanently tighter skin tissue and a younger face. The small multipolar RF treatment head also contains red light LED light therapy, which helps in the renewal of the skin cell population.

The targeted delivery of RF energy provided by the multipolar treatment head results in greater efficiency, with measurable results in fat reduction, cellulite treatment, shaping, and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

  • intensively heats the skin tissue to a depth of 5-15 mm depending on the type of treatment head
  • greatly stimulates fat cell metabolism and fat burning
  • stimulates the fibroblast cells
  • responsible for the production of collagen and elastin
  • it improves the distribution of oxygen between cells by raising the temperature of the tissue
  • improves microcirculation

    Flexible, versatile and effective shaping with PowerShape 2 face and body treatments from Lolo Salon!

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    Vacuum – shaping

    As a result of the vacuum massage, the blood and microcirculation as well as the lymph circulation improves, which has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on the metabolism of cells and tissues. The pulsating vacuum improves cell metabolism by stimulating microcirculation, thereby promoting the removal of cellulite deposits. The intense increase in lymphatic flow between the space between the cells and the lymphatic vessels has a strong detoxifying and edema-reducing effect.

    • the lymphatic massage promotes the elimination of waste products
    • dilates blood vessels, promoting oxygenation
    • reduces the viscosity of fat cells
    • it has a stretching and massage effect on fibrous tissue
    • reduces edema and shapes the body
    PowerShape2 zsírbontás bőrfeszesítés

    Soft laser – Helps break down fat, tightens the skin

    The laser light with a special (660 nm) wavelength promotes and enhances the effectiveness of radiofrequency fat breakdown, and the red laser light has a positive, rejuvenating effect on the skin tissue as a whole.


    • The soft laser increases the permeability of the cell membrane of fat cells, thereby facilitating the release of fatty acids, which become liquid due to radiofrequency heat, into the space between the cells, which results in a decrease in the size of fat cells. Free fatty acids leave the body naturally, through the channels of the excretory system
    • The intense red light of the laser diodes increases the metabolism of skin cells (stimulates ATP production), thereby having a skin-tightening and skin-rejuvenating effect.

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    Presentation of the PowerShape 2 machine handling heads

    Roller body treatment head (LPG)

    An automatically moving roller in the treatment head increases the effectiveness of the vacuum by helping to lift the skin. It can be used excellently for shaping, breaking down fat, reducing cellulite, and improving lymphatic circulation.

    • 2 MHz bipolar radio frequency
    • max. 680 mm Hg vacuum pressure
    • Soft laser with a wavelength of 660 nm
    • effective treatment, 4 pulsing modes
    PowerShape 2 kezelőfej

    Large and medium-sized multipolar RF body treatment heads

    Multipolar RF technology painlessly transmits optimally focused RF energy to the surface of the skin and into the subcutaneous fat tissue. It is excellent for reducing size, breaking down fat, improving lymphatic circulation, and relaxing muscles.

    • 2 MHz multipolar radio frequency
    • max. 680 mm Hg vacuum pressure
    • Soft laser with a wavelength of 660 nm
    • effective treatment, 4 pulsing modes
    PowerShape 2 kezelőfej

    Small size multipolar RF facial treatment head

    It is great for tightening the facial skin and improving lymphatic circulation.

    • 2 MHz multipolar radio frequency
    • max. 680 mm Hg vacuum pressure
    • LED (red)
    • effective treatment, 4 pulsing modes
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    Thermal facial treatment heads

    The thermal energy of the face applicator penetrates deep into the skin in a non-ablative manner. Thanks to its effect, we are able to stimulate collagen production without damaging the skin surface. It can be used with excellent results for face lifting, wrinkle reduction and face tightening.

    • 2 MHz bipolar radio frequency
    • it can be used to treat hard-to-reach and sensitive areas of the face (e.g. around the eyes, around the mouth)
    PowerShape 2 kezelőfej 03
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    Would you like to slim down? Do you want tighter skin? With the PowerShape 2 treatment, you can achieve your dream shape without training or surgery!

    Exclusionary reasons for using the PowerShape2 treatment:

    Cardiovascular disease, pacemaker, implanted heart defibrillator, other implanted electromagnetic device, high blood pressure, infectious disease, febrile condition, cancerous lesions or suspicion thereof, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, thyroid problem, liver disease, other skin diseases or open wound, medical metal under the treated area.

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    Powershape2 body treatment prices

    Body regions of Powershape2: abdomen + waist, inner thigh + upper thigh, buttocks + rear thigh.

    Powershape body treatment

     17,000 HUF/ 30 minutes/ session/ + 10 minutes  5,000 HUF

    Necessary discounted aftercare treatments:

    Wave massage

    7,000 HUF / 30 minutes


    3 body parts / 15,000 HUF / 30 minutes

    PowerShape2 facial treatment prices:


    25,000 HUF – (approx. 60 minutes)


    30,000 HUF – (60 MINUTES)

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