Facelift facial rejuvenation treatment

It has arrived!

A revolution in facial rejuvenation!

HILIFT Pro RF+EMS Facial Rejuvenation and Facelifting treatment!

Facelift laser facial rejuvenation treatment in the Lolo Salon! It not only makes your face more toned, but also younger!

It reduces wrinkles and tightens the skin!

Innovation in facial rejuvenation!


It is one of the most modern technologies at the moment


+30% muscle tightening


-37% less wrinkles


+23% lifting effect

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Advantages of a facelift:


Super fast treatments


Great improvement in skin tone


Free of foreign matter


Maintains bone density


It acts on muscles and connective tissue at the same time


A completely new alternative to filler treatments!

Principle of operation:

Aging process:

Facial aging is a complex, 3-dimensional process in which all anatomical layers of the face are constantly changing with advancing age.

However, with the help of the facelift laser treatment, a 23% lifting effect can be achieved with just a 20-minute treatment, with 30% muscle tightening and 37% smoothing of wrinkles!

Synchronized thermal energy exerts its effect on the surface of the skin.


Simultaneous emission of thermal energy and a high-intensity pulsating magnetic field.


Even heating of all layers.


The entire active area of the treatment head heats evenly.


Dynamic impedance technology.

The high-intensity pulsed magnetic field targets the muscle tissue.


High-intensity magnetic pulse with synchronized thermal energy transfer.


Designed to stimulate sensitive facial muscles.


Enables super maximal contraction.


Transduction of motor neuron membrane depolarization.


The signals reach the muscles through the neurons.

The synchronized thermal energy and the high-intensity pulsating magnetic field act on the skin and muscle tissue at the same time.


Further strengthening of the facial muscles.


It affects the fascia of the face, which is essential for supporting the soft tissues of the face.


Improves skin texture and smoothness.

About EMS + RF technology

The principle of EMS+RF is based on the release of high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) through the head patch, while the radio frequency (RF) energy reaches the tissues directly through the treatment head patch. The combination of the two energies provides a synergistic effect, triggering rhythmic muscle contraction and tension, improving muscle strength and tension at rest, strengthening the facial muscle structure and facial fascia, while the radio frequency evenly heats the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers , thereby tightening the face. It aims to contour and shape the face and improve skin texture for a clearer, more defined and revitalized appearance.

Monopolar Radio Frequency (RF) technology causes continuous contraction and stretching of the facial muscles, which improves muscle strength and skin firmness at rest, thus restoring facial skin tissue. It enhances collagen and elastin production, as well as connective tissue transformation, improving facial muscles and reducing facial skin aging problems.

EMS+RF – a patch specially designed for the care of facial muscles, which stimulates the face with high-intensity electromagnets, and the synchronized radio frequency technology is also suitable for tightening and regulating muscles and skin at the same time. It helps to restore the contour of the face, painless, non-invasive treatment, no recovery period, can be used without anesthesia, no discomfort during the treatment, no after-treatment and no recovery, just do it, go and live as usual!

Compared to other pulsed electromagnetic therapies, the current emitted by the EMS+RF patch will not make you feel like you are shaking. It causes very strong muscle contraction, thereby improving facial muscle tension and lifting power, transforming muscle groups and connective tissue. Breaking through traditional anti-aging technology on the market, it only targets the dermis and fascia and does not affect the muscles. EMS+RF uses the simultaneous application of High Intensity Facial Electromagnetic Stimulation (HIFES) and Synchronized Radio Frequency (RF) technologies on facial muscles, skin, and connective tissues.

It simultaneously tightens facial muscles, lifts loose skin, cheeks, jawline and under the chin, reducing wrinkles and improving results!

It provides a modern, non-invasive, hands-free treatment for facial skin and muscles in just 20 minutes. In addition, we are now giving you an extra 10 minutes as a gift!

Why the Facelift treatment?

The treatment takes no longer than 20 minutes, is painless, and does not require a recovery period. It can be performed without anesthesia, is non-invasive, helps to restore facial conjuncture and is one of the most comfortable facial treatment options.

Now an extra +10 minutes as a gift!

In terms of its effect, it not only improves the muscles of the face, it also has a facial rejuvenating and anti-aging effect. It tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, increases collagen and elastin production, and the result is a natural, youthful appearance.


Younger and stronger facial skin


Stronger, more toned face contour


A more energetic, renewed face

Facelift treatment prices

The latest procedure for a strong and spectacular facelift without needles and foreign substances!

Now an extra +10 minutes for every treatment!

1 suitable treatment

50.000 HUF

4 suitable passes

180.000 HUF

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