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Belize SUPERTECH 6D Lipolaser Machine with 6 wavelengths!

The brand new Liponic 6D lipolysis body treatment machine effectively fights stubborn fat pads. The Mitsubishi diode laser can be adjusted to 6 wavelengths, which stimulate the drainage of lymph, speed up the metabolism of cellulite, and for all bone diseases (arthrosis, arthritis, carpal tunnel), stimulate reparative cells and microcirculation. They are also suitable for breaking down thick, larger layers of fat thanks to their large laser inserts.

OctoLine2 arckezelő rendszer
OctoLine2 arckezelő rendszer


The principle of EMS+RF is based on the release of high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) through the head patch, while the radio frequency (RF) energy reaches the tissues directly through the treatment head patch. The combination of the two energies provides a synergistic effect, triggering rhythmic muscle contraction and tension, improving muscle strength and tension at rest, strengthening the facial muscle structure and facial fascia, while the radio frequency evenly heats the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers , thereby tightening the face. It aims to contour and shape the face and improve skin texture for a clearer, more defined and revitalized appearance.

OctoLine2 facial treatment system

OctoLine2 represents the outstanding efficiency and quality among facial treatment machines, which meets our strictest expectations! It is a perfect complement to the ClinicCare cosmetics we use and completes the facial treatments, because its 8 types of treatment heads help in every phase, from facial cleansing to the introduction of active ingredients or facial tightening to the end of the treatment. The results of OctoLine2 treatments are spectacular from the first time, but after 2-3 treatments, positive feedback usually comes from friends. The healthier, younger complexion is visible. During the OctoLine2 system treatments, we will put together your special facial treatment according to your skin by combining OxyJet, ultrasound, iontophoresis and OxySpray technologies.

OctoLine2 arckezelő rendszer

Power Shape2 face and body treatment system

We present one of the prominent services of our salon, the PowerShape2 treatment.
PowerShape2 perfectly meets the highest expectations in both face and body treatments. Thanks to cosmetic procedures, it is now possible to reshape our body without effort. The newest challenge in beauty care is to make the transformation complete in a short time and with spectacular results. And for this, the best technologies must be used together in a well-thought-out system. PowerShape2 provides a perfect solution, which combines top technologies and can simultaneously break down fat, tighten the skin, and reduce the appearance of cellulite! Our treatment system also has facial treatment heads, with which we can achieve a spectacular face-lift!

Dr. Life Wave Massage

A treatment unit specially designed for this purpose is placed on the limbs and, if necessary, on the torso, the air chambers of which are inflated one by one in a specific order, usually moving towards the heart. The inflating and deflating air chambers create a feeling that is most comparable to the caressing, but extremely effective massage of the most experienced massage therapist. As a result of the pleasant wave massage, lymph circulation, blood circulation and muscle microcirculation all improve. This has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on cells and tissues. The wave massage provides intensive help in emptying the accumulated lymphatic fluid and restoring the health of the connective tissue! The aesthetic effect of the treatments in the field of cellulite reduction is also not to be neglected!

Dr. Life Hullámmasszázs

ZEUS Max Ultimate4 Sculptor Electromagnetic Shaping Machine with 4 operating heads!

In Hungary, it is only available in the Lolo Salon!
ZEUS Max Ultimate4 Sculptor Electromagnetic Shaping Machine with 4 operating heads!
The HI-SCULPT Pro 200HZ Electromagnetic Shaping Machine with 4 treatment heads has arrived!

With these machines, we can treat up to 4 areas of the body in 30 minutes!

If you can’t lift weights due to some health problem, incredible muscle work takes place with us while you lie down!

HIEMT electromagnetic shaping:

This is a revolutionary new procedure in the field of shaping. The HIEMT procedure has just exploded onto the market all over the world and immediately started to gain ground.

High-frequency focused electromagnetic field in Hungarian. The operating heads of the machine create an electromagnetic field, which stimulates the muscles extremely strongly.

The high-frequency, i.e. very fast, waves cause contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Compared to the previous procedures, it is a completely different technology, a much stronger impact and different processes take place at the end.

5 Dimensional and 3 Dimensional Lipolaser Machine

In Lolo Salon, the 5 Dimensional lipolaser device is unique, as 10 large cassettes and 2 small cassettes can be placed on the desired surface, in contrast to other machines where only 8 large heads are available!

With the help of lipolaser shaping, we can achieve quick and spectacular results, using 2-3 week, so-called turbo cures, which have strict rules, but a reduction in circumference of up to 6-9 cm is possible.

STB Laser Lipo is the latest laser fat reduction technology that allows you to lose inches and achieve body contouring without pain, without needles and without downtime.