Intimpad incontinence treatments


The ZEUS Intimpad provides an effective solution for pelvic muscle weakness, regardless of age or problem. Painless and effective incontinence treatment with one of the most modern technologies!

Finally, a solution to improve the quality of life for women. The electromagnetic intimate pad provides a solution to problems for which there was no such simple, convenient, quick and painless solution before. With age and childbirth, blood circulation in the intimate parts deteriorates, muscles become loose, incontinence and other problems occur, and sex life deteriorates.


Fortunately, there is a solution! Do you want to be your old self again? Read more!

What is HIEMT technology?

The machines work with High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Wave (HIEMT) technology, which can influence muscle groups with a force of 7 Tesla, or more precisely, result in their supramaximal contraction. The continuous contractions exerted by HIEMT change the internal structure of the muscle. During the procedure, the myofibrils (the basic units of striated muscle tissue capable of contraction within the muscle fiber) are stimulated, i.e. the basic structure of the muscle is strengthened, thanks to which the muscle becomes denser and reaches a larger volume.


How does HIEMT work in the intimate area?

HIEMT technology induces intense contractions in pelvic muscles by depolarizing motoneurons and inducing electrical currents in the pelvic floor. The focused electromagnetic energy penetrates to a depth of up to 10 cm into the pelvic floor area, where it causes maximum contractions from the muscles at a high repetition rate.


Incontinence treatment with electromagnetic waves

HIEMT technológia


A készülékhez csatlakoztatható intimpad az elektromágneses mező segítségével aktiválja a medence izmait és pontosan megcélozza a fenék izomzatát. A kezelés során az energia eljut a mélyen fekvő izmokhoz és a medence területét stimulálja, alkalmanként közel 10-12 000 izomösszehúzódást eredményezve. A pad kialakításának köszönhetően a lábak természetes pozícióban helyezkednek el a kezelés alatt, a középen lévő megemelt terület illeszkedik a medencefenékhez, megtámasztja azt.


One treatment is equivalent to 20,000 Kegel exercises. Based on the research results, a 95% improvement in the quality of life of the guests can be achieved after one treatment.


Is the intimate pad treatment painless?


The HIEMT Technological Intimpad incontinence treatment is completely painless! During the treatments, you can comfortably relax, make phone calls, or immerse yourself in your favorite magazine!


Based on the reviews, it is one of the most effective treatments!

Based on the research results, a 95% improvement in the quality of life of the guests can be achieved after one treatment. Furthermore, 67% of the treated persons were able to stop using the pads, and all test subjects became more aware of the use of the pelvic floor muscles.

After sitting on the intimate padra clothes for 30 minutes twice a week, the guests experience a significant improvement in the quality of life after 6 suitable treatments.

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Who is the HIEMT Intimpads treatment recommended for?

Pelvic floor muscle strengthening

To prevent and eliminate incontinence

For regeneration after childbirth

To enhance sphincter function

– With the help of the electromagnetic intimate pad treatment, the condition of pelvic muscles loosened and opened up during pregnancy and childbirth can be successfully improved.

– a proven better sex life after the treatment – reaching a more intense orgasm as a result of the treatment

– the treatment is always done in clothes and does not take more than 30 minutes

– no intervention or anesthesia is required

– has virtually no side effects

The HIEMT treatment process

For optimal results, it is necessary to complete 6-8 suitable treatments, which contain 2-3 x 30 minutes per week. After the treatment, the guest may feel as if he has participated in an intensive workout, but it is important to emphasize that it does not cause muscle fever, so the treatments can be included in the daily routine at any time.


How does the treatment take place?

During the treatment, a deep, targeted electromagnetic stimulation of the pelvic floor muscles is performed, which aims to restore the innervation of the muscles. Thousands of pelvic floor muscles are supramaximal – that is, in the normal way, e.g. stimulation is orders of magnitude more intense than what can be achieved with intimate gymnastics.


Hiemt intimate pad TREATMENT PRICES:

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15,000 HUF / 30 minutes / session

Get rid of annoying incontinence!

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