HIEMT Electromagnetic fat reduction and body treatment

Twice as many HIEMT treatment machines, twice as efficient!

In the Lolo Salon, the two most powerful HIEMT machines available on the market are also available to our customers, thanks to which we can treat up to 4 areas of the body (e.g. calves, thighs, abdomen, biceps) during a 30-minute treatment!

Why choose Lolo Salon’s HIEMT treatments?


2 machines = 2x efficiency!


Treatment of up to 4 body parts in 30 minutes!


Fat reduction and muscle building at the same time!


Faster and more spectacular results!

Get in shape for the summer without surgery, scars or recovery! With our HIEMT treatments, you will experience a spectacular change within weeks, and you will love to look in the mirror again!

HIEMT treatments in Budapest in the LoLo Salon, with two of the strongest, most efficient and newest machines available on the market!

ZEUS Max Ultimate4 Sculptor Electromagnetic Sculpting Machine with 4 operating heads and HI-SCULPT Pro 200HZ Electromagnetic Sculpting Machine with 4 operating heads!

In a unique way in the country, we at the LoLo Salon can treat up to 4 areas of the body at the same time in 30 minutes!

In Hungary, it is only available in the Lolo Salon!

With these machines, we are able to treat up to 4 areas of the body at the same time!

If you can’t lift weights due to some health problem, incredible muscle work takes place with us while you lie down!

What is Hiemt electromagnetic shaping?

This is a revolutionary new procedure in the field of shaping.

The HIEMT procedure has just exploded onto the market all over the world and immediately started to gain ground.

High-frequency focused electromagnetic field in Hungarian. The operating heads of the machine create an electromagnetic field, which stimulates the muscles extremely strongly.

The high-frequency, i.e. very fast, waves cause contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Compared to the previous procedures, it is a completely different technology, a much stronger impact and different processes take place at the end.

What is the HIEMT treatment process?

As a result of the strong electromagnetic stimulation, 100% muscle work takes place (only for comparison, with a strong weight training, the muscles can be loaded by a maximum of 20-30%). So 100% compared to 20-30%. The muscles have never experienced such a load… of course we don’t feel sorry for them 🙂

This amount of impact lasting 30 minutes corresponds to 35-40,000 muscle actions, which is about 20,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes. That sounds good, right?

Due to the extreme load, the muscle fibers break, just like during a smooth workout, and the body repairs them to create stronger, larger volume fibers, i.e. an increase in muscle mass is created. Tighter, more toned body. Yes!

At the same time, it is great news that this never-experienced muscle work immediately wants to use energy from the fat cells and the fat cells are not prepared for this (they have never had to release such a large amount of lipase enzyme and release free fatty acids for the muscles). This hits the fat cells hard, triggering massive lipolysis and releasing lots of free fatty acids. The point is that fat cells eventually undergo apoptosis, i.e. cell death occurs. (Exact clinical figures prove the death of fat cells for 8 hours after HIEMT treatment) So: fat tissue also decreases!

And last but not least, at the very end of the process, the larger volume of muscle tissue requires more energy, i.e. the metabolism accelerates.

This way, after the series of treatments, inches will continue to decrease for months!


  • 11% increase in muscle tone
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
  • 19% fat reduction
  • In 80% of cases, there is a spectacular butt lift
  • 5 times metabolism acceleration
  • 11% reduction in ripped abs


  • To reduce the circumference of the abdomen and increase the definition of the abdominal muscles
  • To strengthen the trunk muscles
  • To tighten a flabby arm
  • For a butt lift
  • To strengthen thigh muscles and reduce thigh volume
  • To treat torn abdominal muscles


A course consists of 3 weeks and 6 treatments. One treatment lasts 30 minutes.

So: fast, effective, convenient.

Some of the results are already visible at the end of the course, but it takes another 1-2 weeks for the final result to fully develop, which improves even more slowly after that, but for months.

HIEMT kezelés eredmény
HIEMT kezelés eredmény
heimt htás

Butt lift in Budapest!

HIEMT is the world's first BUTTOCK LIFT procedure officially recognized by the FDA!

That the adipose tissue of the buttocks does not decrease from the procedure!

It produces safe and spectacular results!

HIEMT kezelés fenék

What does a HIEMT treatment look like?


A course consists of 3 weeks and 6 treatments. One treatment lasts 30 minutes.

So: fast, effective, convenient.

Some of the results are already visible at the end of the course, but it takes another 1-2 weeks for the final result to fully develop, which improves even more slowly after that, but for months.

How does the electromagnetic HIEMT treatment help?

Fat burning, adipose tissue reduction

Muscle building, increase in muscle tone

Postpartum, opened abdominal muscle recovery

How long will the result of the treatment last?

Patients can maintain their results long-term by maintaining a fitness routine and following a proper, healthy diet. For those who need it, one or two repeat maintenance treatments per year are sufficient to maintain their results.

Reasons for exclusion:

Since it is a relatively new treatment, there are no known negative side effects!

Do not use the treatment if you are pregnant, for at least 3 months after pregnancy, in the case of a pacemaker or other implanted metal, if it is located directly in the treatment zone, due to heart disease, epilepsy, untreated high blood pressure.

If you are unsure, please contact your treating doctor and ask for his opinion!


Would you like to slim down? Do you want tighter skin? Would you like to get rid of annoying cellulite? In the Lolo Salon, you can achieve your dream figure without training or surgery! Get started today!

HIEMT Electromagnetic shaping prices

HIEMT electromagnetic treatments in Budapest at the LoLo Salon!

HIEMT body treatment

1 body part 15,000 HUF/30 minutes, 2 body parts 15,000 HUF/30 minutes, 3 body parts  20,000 HUF/30 minutes

Ask about our combined treatments at the first free consultation!

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