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ClinicCare products recommended for home use

Skin care at home is extremely important to be comprehensive and provide a solution to the existing skin problem. ClinicCare has developed high-quality home care product packages with which these goals can be perfectly achieved. A serum, an essence and a tonic ensure complete care for all skin types. The product packages are available optimized for three types of skin problems (anti-aging, anti-pigmentation and anti-inflammatory). One of the ingredients of the home preparations is the exclusive EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), which provides a kind of quick help to the skin in case of any injury or irritation. Skin care at home will be completely safe thanks to EGF. The product lines can also be supplemented with well-known and popular masks from professional care.

ClinicCare SPF30 sunscreen face cream for all skin types 50 ml:  13,000 HUF

ClinicCare masks (skin rejuvenation, pigment spot, anti-inflammatory) for home use: 4,000 HUF

ClinicCare Hyal + lip & eye renewal Cream eye area care and mouth regenerator 30 ml. : 17,000 HUF

Premium Dermo Corrective Cream SPF50 30 ml./ 100 ml.:  18,000 HUF/ 44,500 HUF

Lip&Eye Make-up Remover 100 ml.:  10,000 HUF

ClinicClare otthoni arcápolási csomag pigmentfolt ellen

Anti-pigmentation home facial care package

Healthy skin has an even tone. Anti-pigment home care products contain ingredients that inhibit melanin synthesis. They are gentle on the skin, do not fade, but ensure a uniform tone. The main ingredients are arbutin, white mulberry bark extract, vitamin C and green tea extract. The home care package contains 1 essence, 1 serum and 1 tonic. The use of an anti-pigment spot mask makes the treatment complete.

Extra Glow Toner anti-pigmentation face wash tonic 100 ml.:  10,000 HUF

Extra Glow Essence anti-pigmentation day cream 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

Extra Glow Serum anti-pigmentation night serum 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

Anti-aging home facial care package

Healthy skin is smooth and well hydrated. ClinicCare’s anti-aging home care products contain a high concentration of active ingredients that help restore and maintain skin hydration. These include low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA, Betaine and Glycerin. The treatment is completed by using an anti-aging mask.

Anti-aging EGF Extra Refresh Liquid Toner skin rejuvenating tonic 100 ml.: 10,000 HUF

Anti-aging EGF Extra Refresh Essence skin rejuvenation gel 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

Anti-aging EGF Extra Refresh Serum night serum 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

Premium Time Reserse Cream (face&neck) 30 ml.: 22,000 HUF

ClinicClare otthoni arcápolási csomag öregedés ellen
ClinicClare otthoni arcápolási csomag gyulladás ellen

Anti-inflammatory home facial care package

Healthy skin is flawless. The useful active ingredients of anti-inflammatory home care products soothe the skin and promote cell regeneration. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid helps tissue regeneration and forms a protective layer against microorganisms. Centella Asiatica stimulates the healing of damaged tissues. Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, the Portulaca Oleracea extract reduces skin irritation, and the Houttunya Cordata extract has an anti-viral and bacterial, detoxifying effect. The use of an anti-inflammatory mask completes the treatment.

Pure Toner anti-inflammatory face wash tonic 100 ml.: 10,000 HUF

Pure Essence anti-inflammatory day cream 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

Pure Serum anti-inflammatory night serum 50 ml.: 17,000 HUF

X3M PURE PORE Minimizer Mask 5X25g: 18,000. HUF

Energizing Hair Shampoo 250 ml. : 11,000 HUF

Energizing Hair Conditioner 250 ml.

 11,000 HUF

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