Wiener aromatherapy body wrap

Natural and highly effective shaping! Visible centimeter reduction after just a few treatments! Thanks to the aroma oils, it is also an optimal procedure for skin beautification, skin tightening, stretch marks and cellulite treatment!

The Wiener body wrap method

The aromatherapy slimming method has special features that other slimming treatments cannot offer! The method is based on a cold-heat effect, similar to the Kneipp treatment. The essential oils in the active ingredients, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol and rosemary, cause intense blood circulation and blood abundance in the upper layers of the connective tissue due to their strong hyperemetic effect. As a result, an internal feeling of coldness occurs in the deeper layers of the body. One of the basic functions of the body is to maintain the internal heat balance necessary for the functioning of the body and internal organs. However, the internal coolness that occurs has the effect that the body must break down and burn the stored excess nutrients in order to use the generated energy to maintain the thermal balance. The pre- and post-treatment materials of the technology also ensure the beautification and tightening of the skin. In the case of the classic method, waxing is performed from the knee to the area below the breast, with 3-4 special waxes.

Wiener aromaterápiás testtekercselés

With the aromatherapy wood burning method, nutrients are burned from problem areas four times more efficiently!

Who is the Wiener aromatherapy body wrap treatment recommended for?

The aromatherapy slimming method is suitable for anyone who has problems with their figure. It is also suitable for reducing weak to strong cellulite, refining the skin, treating stretch and pregnancy lines, weight gain and weight loss skin problems, and tightening loose, hanging skin (18 cm results are not uncommon when tightening a belly apron).

To help with any diet, as an additional treatment for detoxification and detoxification, as well as medical fasting.

How many treatments will you need?

It depends on how loose your skin is, the size of the stretch marks, and the stage of your cellulite. In salons and cosmetics, we usually recommend a course-like treatment consisting of 10-12 sessions. If necessary, we apply several courses.

What results can be expected from the Wiener aromatherapy body wrap?

The targeted composition of the active ingredients and the treatment process provide you – like no other known slimming treatment – with all the important effects that lead to optimal results.



Weight loss and acceleration of fat breakdown through the cold-heat effect. The effect can be measured immediately in centimeters.


Targeted slag removal and detoxification of problem areas thanks to the osmosis effect and the effect of essential oils.


The removal of waste products through the lymphatic system under the influence of aromatherapy and compression therapy.


Achieving significant skin and tissue tightness in the treated areas through the entire treatment method and the targeted placement of the fibers.

Wiener body wrap before and after photo:

Wiener aromaterápiás testtekercselés előtte utána

What are the reasons for not using Wiener body wrap?

Epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, in the case of cancerous changes or suspicion of them, during pregnancy, breastfeeding, menstruation, immediately after operations, serious illnesses, fever or flu, heart problems, diabetes, breathing problems, high blood pressure, open wounds, injuries, ulcers, wet skin, poor health, allergic reactions. If you have any doubts about the feasibility of the treatment, or if you are undergoing medical treatment or medication, it is absolutely important to consult your doctor before starting the treatments.

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Body wrap treatment prices

A relaxing treatment that helps to smooth, tighten, improve the quality of our skin while lying down, and to get rid of the fat accumulated in the oily areas.

Wiener body wrap

20,000 HUF/occasion/60 minutes

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