There is no facial treatment equipment on the market comparable to the EunSung Octoline. This device with 5 technologies and 8 treatment heads is conquering more and more beauticians, including the biggest names in the profession and dermatologists and cosmetologists. Users can finally work with a device that does not require any other additional equipment, and which nevertheless does not suppress their creativity, but rather brings it to the surface.


With Octoline, you can create customized, varied treatment series, and you can pamper guests who want curiosities with a real arsenal of technologies. Whatever cosmetic line you have worked with so far, you can be sure that you can use it smoothly with Octoline. In addition, combined treatments can be supplemented with technologies that have perhaps never been used before, such as Oxy. If you want to know how Octoline captivated its previous users, read the article. But the best thing would be to try these special technologies for yourself.


Oxy Jet

Oxy Jet is usually one of the most interesting facial cleansing technologies for guests. The treatment head atomizes the aromatic, distilled or healing water with medical-grade oxygen (95-98% thanks to the Zeolite filter) at high pressure and thus cleans the facial skin. The operating head does not touch the guest. During cleaning, the skin only comes into contact with liquid and oxygen, so this is one of the most hygienic procedures, which is also excellent for cleaning particularly problematic skin.

Taking advantage of the positive properties of oxygen, we can offer solutions to several problems at the same time. In addition to cleaning, we also increase skin cell renewal and microcirculation. We initiate energizing, oxygenating, anti-inflammatory and healing processes and prepare the skin to receive the active ingredients. The guests are there for the treatment because the change is visible and palpable; the treatment is quick and painless. Professionals love it because the material costs are low, and the clientele can be easily expanded with it, e.g. towards teenagers or those struggling with hair loss. The procedure can be used in any season, for guests of any age and skin type, even for children and expectant mothers.



Ultrasound has been present in cosmetics for a long time (intake of active ingredients, cavitation). Sonophoresis is the name for hydroabrasion and low-frequency ultrasonic active ingredient intake. As a result of hydroabrasion, clean skin becomes accessible, and the active ingredient is delivered with greater efficiency. The skin becomes uniform and soft to the touch.



Ionto is a forgotten and less loved technology. The reason for this is the long-established unpleasant feeling of treatment. During the presentation treatments, these stereotypes seem to be dispelled, our partners are amazed at how much smoother Octoline feels than its predecessors. This is a whole new dimension. The sensation depends only on the operator, as the intensity can be adjusted on a wide scale, so we can effectively treat each guest in their own comfort zone. You are probably familiar with this sentence: “If I don’t feel it, it probably doesn’t work.”. The lifting effect of the Y treatment head can already be felt during the treatment, but it is not unpleasant. We achieve the firming effect by deep, gentle, gentle exercise of the muscles.


Ultrasonic active ingredient intake

A wide range of active ingredients is available for ultrasonic delivery. The uniqueness is given by the different pulse packages, which help the operator to use the perfect setting even in the case of various problems (acne, wrinkles, rosacea, cellulite).

A specially designed, small-sized treatment head helps to treat one of the most problematic areas, the eye area. Many people struggle with dark circles, fine lines and “bags”. This head is perfect for these.


Oxy Spray

One of the ladies’ favorites is the Oxy Spray, with which the active ingredient is atomized into small particles and reaches the skin of the face, then into the deep layers of the skin, while the oxygen also exerts its effect. It can be well combined with other facial treatment technologies (RF, IPL, laser). Due to its anti-inflammatory and calming effect, it can be used well for post-treatments. Oxygen with adjustable pressure delivers anti-aging substances to the deep layers of the skin, provides immediate hydration, fine lines are reduced and the skin becomes tighter.

Most of the above technologies can even be applied to the hairy scalp, so we can remove dandruff or greasy deposits, clean the scalp, and by increasing microcirculation, we can also stimulate the hair follicles for thicker and stronger hair. With Octoline, the nourishing and strengthening active ingredients, which are only partially absorbed by manual massage, reach the scalp more effectively. In addition to treating the face and scalp, don’t forget about the neck area and décolleté, where the possibilities offered by EunSung Octoline can also be used brilliantly.


EunSung Octoline, the treatment of the next century

During EunSung’s Octoline treatment, guests can feel as if they are walking into the cosmetics of the next century. In addition, they generally appreciate the fact that they do not receive simple one-on-one treatment, but an individual program that is varied from time to time. The results will definitely convince them. In many cases, especially in the case of deeper wrinkles, the first treatment brings extremely spectacular results, but usually after the first 2-3 treatments, positive feedback about the renewed, rejuvenated appearance comes from the immediate environment.

As for the EunSung Octoline… well… we think it’s perfect.