ClinicCare Swedish cosmetics are increasingly popular in our country as well. Few people know that ClinicCare has developed complete home care protocols for the comprehensive treatment of the three main skin problems. The salon products are complemented by a complete home product package, which is recommended for everyday use in the periods between professional treatments.


Glowing skin program

ClinicCare Glow Hiperpigmentációs termékcsalád

We recommend this skin rejuvenating and moisturizing treatment primarily for guests with pigment problems. The treatment fades hyperpigmented spots, soothes the skin and activates healthy cells.

Against pigment spots, ClinicCare uses Arbutin, blackberry extract (both inhibit melanin production), vitamin C (has a surface lightening effect) and green tea extract (prevents melanin accumulation).

To enhance the results, it can be combined with IPL treatment, microneedle treatment or chemical peeling.


Update/hardening program

ClinicCare Refresh anti-aging termékcsalád

This skin-rejuvenating, super-hydrating, anti-aging (lifting and wrinkle-reducing) treatment can be used for all skin types, but it provides truly fantastic results for aging, sagging skin.

The main active ingredients of the treatments are Hyaluronic acid, Sodium PCA (a naturally occurring substance in the skin protects cells from drying out), Betadine (provides extra hydration to the skin) and Glycerin (prevents skin dryness by maintaining the outer skin barrier).

For even more effective results, it can be combined with firming RF treatment, microneedle treatment or chemical peeling.


Cleaning program

ClinicCare Pure Bőrnyugtató termékcsalád

The cleansing treatment is primarily ideal for combination, irritated skin with acne problems. It has an anti-inflammatory, calming and healing effect. Regulates hyperactive sebaceous glands while maintaining skin radiance.

The main active ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, the Asian wader responsible for healing damaged tissues, Fat Purslane, and the detoxifying Houttunya Cordata extract.

The results can be enhanced with IPL or LED treatment against inflammation and acne and chemical peeling.

ClinicCare multi-functional products include makeup remover, various cleansers and peelings, tonics, veil masks, cosmetics containing active ingredients (vitamin C, ceramide, retinol and high-concentration hyaluronic acid) and sun protection cream, so you can have a truly complex, all-round facial care program offer its guests with a single product line. You can recommend different products from the home products to the guest for young or mature skin, for dry or normal-oily skin types.