Swedish product line worth paying attention to: CLINICARE

clinic_care_logoCare. At Center Kft., this word has weight. We pay attention to our Partners: we deal with their problems and talk about what matters to them. We pay attention to the market: we pay attention to scientific developments and trends. We always look for and bring the best and most effective procedures, products, and treatment machines to our Partners.

We pay attention to quality: we try the products and test them with the help of experts. We only distribute products, we only give our name to products that have been proven during tests. We pay attention to feedback: we work with many reputable, credible and extremely successful Partners, who are happy to send before-and-after pictures of the results achieved with the products they bought from us and are happy to tell us about their experiences. These last feedbacks are the main evidence for us that we worked well.

CLINICCARE brand representatives, who came from several European countries, held a meeting in Budapest at the end of May. The Swedes, the British, the Czechs, the Danes, the Italians, the Romanians were present, and a colleague of the Hungarian brand representative, Center Kft., also took part in this meeting. Several countries have confirmed that the CLINICCARE brand has undergone great development in the last 1-2 years, and they are experiencing increasing interest.

This is certainly due to the fact that we are talking about a premium category, high quality, Swedish product line with scientifically proven effectiveness. Beauticians like to use it, since a small amount is enough and it is sold in large packages. It is no secret that it is only available to professional users, i.e. guests can only meet it at cosmetics and skin care specialists. Excellent combination with machine treatments: many of our Partners reported and sent pictures of shockingly spectacular successes when CLINICCARE was used together with the Eunsung Octoline 2 or Eunsung Doctor Skin treatment machines.


We are experiencing a growing interest in CLINICCARE in Hungary as well. Our Partners who use the products unanimously tell us about a product that is quickly absorbed and produces spectacular results, which the guests and they themselves love.

Due to the spectacular successes and positive feedback, we heartily recommend CLINICCARE to your attention!

The Swedish CLINICCARE product line includes products based on scientific principles that restore the structure and function of the skin. CLINICCARE products effectively reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles, provide an effective solution to acne and hyperpigmentation problems, improve and prevent skin damage caused by the environment or smoking. The secret of success lies in the mixture of unique, revolutionary ingredients: an effective mixture of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, silk peptides (18 amino acids), growth factors, plant and mineral extracts helps you achieve quick and spectacular treatment results.