The Centifaló package is a three-week combined treatment program with a guaranteed slimming and firming effect.

The content of the program:

5 sessions of Power Shape2 shaping
5 sessions of Wiener aromatherapy body wrap
5 sessions of wave massage

The price of the package: HUF 146,300

Information about treatment with the Power Shape2 body treatment system

Treatment time: 40 minutes

Before the treatment, we will discuss which body area you would like to shape the most and we will work specifically in this area. We treat a maximum of 2 areas at the same time, one larger and one smaller. During the course, we target these areas of the body every time, in order to achieve the most spectacular results.

What can you contribute to increase the result?

Drink at least 2.5 liters of water or medicinal tea per day!

Avoid carbonated, sugary soft drinks and excessive alcohol consumption!

Eat healthy food!

Reasons for excluding the use of Power Shape 2: Cardiovascular disease, pacemaker, implanted heart defibrillator, other implanted electromagnetic device, high blood pressure, infectious disease, fever, cancerous changes or suspicion thereof, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, diabetes, thyroid problem, liver disease, other skin diseases or open wound, medical metal under the treated area.

About the machine: Radio frequency, motorized rollers, vacuum and soft laser work simultaneously in the combined shape-forming head of the PowerShape2 device. Based on our experience, this is very useful in terms of increasing the results, because these technologies, which are also very effective individually, strengthen each other’s effect when used at the same time. Thus, we can achieve a much better end result in a shorter time than if we had used only one technology. The vacuum, for example, lifts the skin so that the fat-dissolving radio frequency energy can affect as large an area as possible. The massage by motorized rollers on the one hand mechanically increases the breakdown of fat, and on the other hand, it ensures the stimulation of lymphatic circulation and thus the removal of broken down fats and waste products. And the soft laser has an extremely beneficial biological effect on the cells, which renews the treated area. The strength of the individual components can be freely adjusted, so we can tailor the treatment specifically to your needs and characteristics.

Wave massage

Treatment time: 30 minutes

The use of PowerShape2 after treatment promotes the rapid elimination of loosened waste from the body and multiplies the effectiveness of the treatment.

A treatment unit specially designed for this purpose is placed on the limbs and torso, the air chambers of which are inflated one by one in a specific order, usually moving towards the heart. As a result of the pleasant wave massage, lymph circulation, blood circulation and muscle microcirculation all improve. This has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on cells and tissues. The wave massage provides intensive help in emptying the accumulated lymphatic fluid and restoring the health of the connective tissue. The aesthetic effect of the treatments in the field of cellulite reduction is also not to be neglected.

Exclusionary reasons for using the wave massage machine: age under 18, menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, infectious disease, fever, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, implants on the body parts to be treated, pacemaker, implanted heart defibrillator, other implanted electromagnetic device, ulcer, other skin diseases or open wound, hernia in the given area, transplantation, dialysis, heart or lung weakness. In case of any health complaint, a discussion with the attending physician is recommended.

Wiener aromatherapy body wrap

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes

Procedure of the treatment: Apply a thin layer of aroma oil suitable for the problem of the shape to the places to be treated. Starting from the ankle or just above the knee, the wooden stick impregnated with essential oil and herbal extracts is wound tightly on the thigh, through the buttocks and all the way under the breast. 3 strands of wood are required for winding, 4 strands of wood are used in case of a stronger body structure. If desired, the upper arm can also be wrapped. After 50 minutes, remove the wood shavings and massage in the post-treatment gel as a final treatment.

Please bring extra underwear that you can change into after the wood shaving, as the ones worn during the wood shaving will be damp.

What can you contribute to increase the result?

Drink at least 2.5 liters of water or medicinal tea per day!

Avoid carbonated, sugary soft drinks and excessive alcohol consumption!

If you can, promote weight loss with a healthy diet that suits you!


Do not eat solid food 3-4 hours before the treatment, because otherwise the body uses the nutritional values in the blood and does not burn the stored reserves!

Do not shower for 3-5 hours after treatment!

Do not sunbathe or use a solarium immediately after the treatment!

Mechanism of action: The aromatherapy slimming method has special features that other slimming treatments cannot offer! The method is based on a cold-heat effect, similar to the Kneipp treatment. The essential oils in the active ingredients, such as eucalyptus, peppermint, menthol and rosemary, cause intense blood circulation and blood abundance in the upper layers of the connective tissue due to their strong hyperemetic effect. As a result, an internal feeling of coldness occurs in the deeper layers of the body. One of the basic functions of the body is to maintain the internal heat balance necessary for the functioning of the body and internal organs. However, the internal coolness that occurs has the effect that the body must break down and burn the stored excess nutrients in order to use the generated energy to maintain the thermal balance. The pre- and post-treatment materials of the technology also ensure the beautification and tightening of the skin. With the aromatherapy wood burning method, nutrients are burned from problem areas four times more efficiently!

Exclusionary reasons for the use of Wiener body wraps: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, in case of cancerous changes or suspicion of them, pregnancy, breastfeeding, during menstruation, immediately after operations, serious illnesses, fever or flu, heart problems, diabetes, breathing problems, high blood pressure, open wounds, injury, ulcer, moist skin, poor health, allergic reactions. If you have any doubts about the feasibility of the treatment, or if you are undergoing medical treatment or medication, it is absolutely important to consult your doctor before starting the treatments!