The Turbo body treatment package offer is a 2-week program for ladies who are looking for an urgent solution.

The content of the program:

  • 3 sessions of Wiener aromatherapy body wrap
  • 3 Power Shape2 shaping
  • 3 sessions of wave massage

What you need to know about the package

  • Radio frequency, motorized rollers, vacuum and soft laser work simultaneously in the combined shape-forming head of the PowerShape2 device. Based on our experience, this is very useful in terms of increasing the results, because these technologies, which are also very effective individually, strengthen each other’s effect when used at the same time. Thus, we can achieve a much better end result in a shorter time than if we had used only one technology. The vacuum, for example, lifts the skin so that the fat-dissolving radio frequency energy can affect as large an area as possible. The massage by motorized rollers on the one hand mechanically increases the breakdown of fat, and on the other hand, it ensures the stimulation of lymphatic circulation and thus the removal of broken down fats and waste products. And the soft laser has an extremely beneficial biological effect on the cells, which renews the treated area. The strength of the individual components can be freely adjusted, so we can tailor the treatment specifically to your needs and characteristics.
  • About the Wave Massage: A treatment unit specially designed for this purpose is placed on the limbs and, if necessary, the trunk, the air chambers of which are inflated one by one in a specific order, usually moving towards the heart. The inflating and deflating air chambers create a feeling that is most comparable to the caressing, but highly effective massage of the most experienced massage therapist. As a result of the pleasant wave massage, lymph circulation, blood circulation and muscle microcirculation all improve. This has an extremely beneficial physiological effect on cells and tissues. The wave massage provides intensive help in emptying the accumulated lymphatic fluid and restoring the health of the connective tissue. The aesthetic effect of the treatments in the field of cellulite reduction is also not to be neglected.